Jim and I went to Disneyland on 5/14/05 (our 14th wedding anniversary) to celebrate that and the fact that I have lost 100 pounds! It had been 17 years since we had been there! We invited our friends to join us the first day...Thank you John Russell, Gilmore Rizzo, John Nelson and Ali Nelson for sharing this magical time with us on that first day! I will never forget the rides...the laughter and the fun we all shared! :) What a milestone for me to walk all over that park and to be able to fit in the turnstiles and the seats for everything with ease...feels soooo good!!!

Then on Sunday Jim and I went to California Adventure together...wow...I rode the California Screamin rollercoaster and that was my first loop and the biggest rollercoaster I had ever been on...what a blast!!! Also loved the Soaring Over California ride ..that was my favorite! Then Jim and I hopped back to Disneyland and saw the Fantasmic show on the River...WOWOWOW! So beautiful!

Monday...my best friend Jenny and her girls Gretchen and Brigitta came to join us...I had never been to an amusement park with Jenny even though we have been friends for over 20 years! So we went to California Adventure while Jim took the girls to Disneyland and then we all met up later on and went to Toon Town etc...what fun! Jen and I did Tower of Terror the Raft ride and Soaring again....love that ride!!!

Jim and I went to dinner at the Blue Bayou...we had always wanted to do that...food was great and the atmosphere...well perfect! :) Also, we stayed at the Disneyland Hotel...it was perfect...great view too!

We got some great pictures...the one with Minnie Mouse is priceless...also the ones where the camera is zoomed in and all you see is my boob with Mickey's vest or just Mickey's bow tie...those are awesome! :) We just could'nt seem to catch a break getting a pic with Mickey for some reason...but I will always treasure the one with Jim and I and Minnie! Also I love the one of me going thru the turnstile...yea! I will try and scan the pics from the rides themselves and add to this page later...also got some videos I will put up too...so keep checking back!

This was the greatest vacation I think Jim and I have ever been on...a great combo of friendship...fun and laughs...thank you to all who participated and to those who could not and sent us well wishes thank you as well...Jim and I have annual passes now so we will be planning another trip soon....can't wait!!!

Love to all!

MaryJo (aka Tinkerbell)


12/25/05 - we went for 1 day and met up with my friend Andrew...so fun! :) Here are the pics from that day!

5/14/06 - (20th anniversary - 15 married) Got to see my friend Tammy and her lil girl Gia and her hubby Jason! What fun! Here are the pics!!!