Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Hello there our dear open mic friends!

Last night was Theme night !!! "Animal Songs"....what a fun one! For those who did not have an animal song ..well..they got to wear my leopard print scarf...too cute. :)

Here is our lovely Keri Kelsey in her Leopard print dress! Wow!!! She did the "Chicken Song" I love the way she sings that song...that is your song girl!!!

And here is a little video of Keri from last night... "Chicken Song" 8.96 mb Please right click on the link and choose "SAVE TARGET AS" and download the video as to not overload my sites bandwith! (You will need Quicktime to view!)

Our fabu Ross Kalling was back at the piano after a too long break...we have missed him and were glad to have him back!!! :)

Thanks David Pascucci, Dan Markos, Maria Jacobs, our swanktown visitor Geoffrey Tozer, Amy Cochet (Or as I like to call her Amy "Crochet" and remember only I can call her that!), Jane Kinsey, Carole Stuart (Loved the leopard print purse!), Tom Culver, Effie Joy, Gregg Marx, John Vance, Jeff Segal, Yoly Tolentino, Gina Zollman and Danielle Barbosa for joining us last night! What a great group of singers!!!

And I just have to make special mention of Ray Jessel who wowed us and made me laugh so hard I almost pee'd my pants with his new "Short Term Memory Blues" number...thank you Ray!!!

Also our newcomer, for last night was so incredible...Noah York...he did "Circle Of Life" and "Desperado"...what an amazing voice and we are so glad you have joined us in song...look forward to more! :)

And just a quick shout-out to all who have contributed, who are attending or volunteering for my "Sing Out For MaryJo Mundy" benefit this coming you all!!! I cannot say thank you enough!!!

Ok that is it for this week! Next months theme night will be "Cut from..." songs cut from shows! Should be a fun one!!!


Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Tuesday May 20th.
Familiar Faces
It was a Fun night last night with the always magnificent Todd Schroeder at the piano. Our bantering was a little preview of our show May 14th, Mr. and MissCommunication at Masquers 7:30, plug, plug.
It was a night to see many people we haven't seen in awhile, you all have been missed, and many new faces. In the Where Have You Been? catagory were John O'Banion looking dapper, Dianna, elegant as ever, Shon, it's been ages, Delores Petersen, we missed you, John Russell, twice in one month, I don't believe it, what a beautiful ballad that was and Deborah Downey, now with her own theatre she's stays too busy to come visit us much. In the Brand New Catagory we have Cha Cha McMahon, although she's not new to me, we've known each other for years but didn't recognize each other. Then there's the Almost New, Gina Joly I think she mentioned she had been once before but it had been awhile and Effie Joy who was with us last week had us all laughing with Bruce and and did a beautiful job with This Moment. Our Regulars, thank you guys for supporting us, in order of apperance, The always brilliant David Pascucci, Tom Culver, you make me smile (Tom will be at Catalina Bar And Grill in June), Maureen Miller with a great arrangement, Jeff Segal with a new song he had written that was wonderful, Helene, our resident linguist after her foreign language song gave us a beautiful Star Dust, the always gorgeous voice of John Vance, Gregg Marx sounded wonderful with Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out To Dry, and not in order of appearance the woman who started it all, MaryJo Mundy or as I like to call her, The Voice Of An Angle, ripped our hearts with Other Lady and the money song is perfect for the benefit. Thanks everybody for coming. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Don't forget next week is Theme Night and the theme is animal songs.

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Hi everyone!

Here is our first entry in our new Blogger. Keri and I will alternate posting ...this will be a place for all the happenings at "Mundy On Tuesdays".

Tonight at our romping open mic...we had so many great people!

First off we were honored that Pamela Myers visited us and she sang the song from the role she originated in the Broadway cast of COMPANY, Another Hundred People. What a thrill! She will be doing her own show at the Gardenia this Thurs, Fri and Sat...please go and see her if you can...what an amazing talent she is!

We had some wonderful songwriters there tonight including Ray Jessel, Kirby Tepper, Geoffrey Tozer and Tomek Fior. You were all so amazing! Thank you for sharing your songs with us!

And as an extra bonus tonight John Boswell our fabulous pianist was straddled by Jane Kinsey at the end of her rendition of "Sooner Or Later" ...we had fun ribbing him the rest of the night about a matter of fact our next Theme night will be "Straddle John Boswell!" Just kidding! :)

Our new comers blew us away...Effie Joy, Alexa Hunter and Donna Weaver! Thank you so much for coming and we hope you will return! :)

Les Michaels stopped by to drop off flyers for my fund raiser and we wished he could have stayed to sing! Next time Les! :)

As for our regulars they were, Phillip McNiven, Tom Culver, David Pascucci, Maria Jacobs, Amy Cochet, Jackie Hendrickson, Maureen Miller, Helene McCardle, Jeff Segal, Jose Promis and of course our very dear Jimmy Merrill!

My lovely co-host Keri Kelsey let me play the "egg" tonight for her brazillian tune at the end...thanks was fun! :)

Thank you all for such a wonderful night full of great music!

Hope to see and hear you next Tuesday!


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