Here is the place for pictures of Jim and I thru the years and also pictures of us with our friends...we are so blessed to have such a great group of friends we love them all dearly. For updated pics of MJ after losing 160 pounds visit her WLS page!


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MJ3.jpg (30286 bytes)
MaryJo at 3 yrs. old (I still have that butterfly clip)



Jim3.jpg (36295 bytes)

Jim at 3 yrs. old with his duck (He does not still have the duck)



J&MJ New Years 2000.jpg (17393 bytes)

Jim & MaryJo at the Streisand Millennium concert in  Vegas at the stroke of midnight 2000! Happy New Year!



Halloween.jpg (20926 bytes)

Jim & MaryJo Halloween 1997 (Jim is Bruce Banner if you were wondering)



Hardees.jpg (56976 bytes)

MaryJo's first job...Hardees in  1984 (Look at that collar bone!)



Jenny & MaryJo.jpg (20221 bytes)

Jenny Frank and MaryJo 1991 (I gave Jenny away at her wedding and a week later she gave me away at mine she is my best friend!)



John & MJ.jpg (38577 bytes)

John Russell and MaryJo at the Cinegrill (John is the first person I met in LA..he is a fabulous singer and even more fabulous friend!)



Keri.jpg (86711 bytes)

Keri Robertson in 1993 (Keri was my Maid of Honor she lives in Virginia and is a scientist...I miss her!)



MJ & Baby.jpg (48590 bytes)

MaryJo and "Baby" on Jim's birthday in 1989 (Baby is the dearest present Jim has ever given me!)



MJ 16 yrs. old.jpg (119677 bytes)

MaryJo at sweet 16



MJ 17 yrs.old.jpg (81042 bytes)

MaryJo at age 17



MJ 18 years old.jpg (119368 bytes)

MaryJo at age 18 (Love that poodle perm!)



MJ18.jpg (44617 bytes)

MaryJo at age 19 (With the first stuffed bear that Jim gave to me in 1987)



prom.jpg (97065 bytes)

MaryJo & Rob Hartmann at prom in 1985 (Rob wrote a part in his musical "The In Crowd" in 1982  for me and we have been friends ever since. He is an incredible composer!)



Faye.jpg (101181 bytes)

Paul Katz in San Diego (we took this trip to scope out San Diego as a possible place for Paul to move too...this is the best pic and of course I took it! Hee!) 1999



Paul K..jpg (89976 bytes)

Paul Katz in La Jolla in 1999 (Paul is my best friend from Chicago ...I am praying he will be moving out to San Diego soon...I miss him terribly!)



Disneyland.jpg (53533 bytes)

Paul Goebel & MaryJo at Disneyland in 1985.We both look a little different now :) (Paul is Jim's best friend but I knew Paul before I met Jim  and if it weren't for him my life would  have taken a very different path and I probably would not have ended up with Jim...he is needless to say a  very special friend to both Jim and I ) 



Paul & Jim.jpg (86903 bytes)

Paul Goebel and Jim at Paul's wedding in 1994



J&MJ with Gretchen.jpg (23283 bytes)

MaryJo, Gretchen (Jenny's daughter) and Jim on their wedding day 1991.



TammyandMJ.jpg (13743 bytes)

Tammy Garcia and MaryJo in 1999 (Tammy is my longest living friend we have been friends since Jr. high over 20 years now ...she is so dear to me... I know we will be friends always!)



Tammy, Jeanette and I.jpg (27406 bytes)

Tammy, Jeanette (also a friend from Jr. high) and MaryJo in 1984.



Andy & Tricia.jpg (72843 bytes)

Andy & Tricia White (we found them again after many years... they are both happy and well! But we miss them!)



Rindy & Jim.jpg (57501 bytes)

Rindy Hartmann ( Rob's sister who also is one of our dearest friends and incredibly smart)  & Jim at our wedding in 1991.



Jim & Gracie 1.jpg (34221 bytes)

Gracie with Uncle Jim!

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