The Cat 

A long time ago when the Egyptians were first creating their civilization they developed farming.  Now farming was a great advance because it gave man more control over his food supply and allowed us to really propagate.  We could build cities and we even had more free time, because our whole day wasn’t spent looking under rocks and in trees for the few berries we could actually eat.  

Great.  Small problem.  When you create farms and build cities, you attract rats and other vermin, and they begin eating your crops and spreading disease.  What to do, what to do??? 

Enter the cat 


Egyptian Mau  

A small wild cat lived in Egypt at the time, and the Egyptians noticed that these little cats were hanging out on the edge of town hunting down the vermin.  The Egyptians thought this was pretty cool, so they started leaving out food to keep the cats around.  Farms flourished and eventually the cat became an Egyptian God by decree of a pharaoh.  This is how the first cat became domesticated.  Many years later cats aren’t that different. 



Kizzie is an African word.  It means “stay put”.  It is how I feel about my little kitty.  I want her to stay put and be safe, because the sad truth is the world isn’t always kind to our furry friends.  Thousands of cats a year have to be euthanized and even more live difficult lives as street cats.  

Kizzie joined our family as a kitten.  Over the years she has carved out a significant role in our household.  In exchange for a clean box and food, she keeps laps warm and spirits high.  

If you know a ‘cat person’ you probably have heard them refer to their cat as a child.  “This is our baby” they’ll say, and you’ll probably say to yourself “get a hobby”.  We do indeed see out cat in very much this way, but with an acknowledged difference.  Over the years we have come to recognize with great respect that this is a wild creature, with thoughts and motivations greatly different then our own.  We coexist with her, but in a very real way her world is mysterious to us.  For instance, her world is all about smells.  Knowing what’s around the corner by a familiar scent.  Brushing up against a counter to leave her own scent behind to mark it.  (Incidentally, if your cat rubs up against you it is a great compliment.  The cat is marking you because it considers you part of its clan.)  If you really want to get to know your cat, make a point of learning about the world as much as you can from their perspective.  They aren’t really little people.  They are cats, with the instinct of the jungle still beating in their veins and when you know a cat, you are closer to that jungle. 


Like a lot of owners, we consider getting your cat fixed the responsible thing to do.  First of all, it helps control the pet population, preventing unwanted kittens being born to short tragic lives.  Second of all, a cat who has been fixed will live longer, is less likely to develop conditions like cysts or certain kinds of cancer, and as an added bonus, is less likely to pee on everything.  So we decided to get Kizzie fixed.  To put the cat out for the surgery they stick a tube down the cat’s throat and administer the sleep stuff. Well, the woman who did the job was fairly incompetent.  Upon drawing the tube out, she was not careful enough and cut a hairline hole on the inside of our cat’s throat.  When we got our cat home, she seemed fine, but over time she started to fill up with air between her body and her skin and inside the chest cavity where her lungs are.  When we would pet her it felt like bubble wrap.  We noticed her gums were starting to turn blue.  She was choking, because her lungs did not have enough room to inflate.  We had to drive two hours to a specialist, crying all the way.  She went into surgery for a few hours, and luckily survived.  Had we been much later, she would have died.  It is some years later, and now and then I think about that moment and how lucky I am to have this creature in my life, and how when you take your animal to a vet you need to be as picky and careful as you would with any doctor. 


MaryJo has taken up photography as a hobby.  Kizzie seems to know when the camera is on and poses great, and unlike Jim, she doesn’t always make a goofy face.  So enjoy these pics of the ruler of our house and all her moods.


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Vampire kitty!


Lil meatloaf

Gotcha! Fleming
Not another picture!

Cherokee Kitty

Surveying her court

How you doin?

Afternoon Delight Got your nose!
On her throne I rule this house.


More to come!



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