Here are our favorite places to visit on the web...we are into TV, sports, music and more!

Favorite Sites

The Simpsons - The best TV show ever!

Cartoon Network - This is one of Jim's favorite places...he is a cartoon freak!

The King Of TV - This is our friend Paul Goebel's site

Emma's Web - Jim and I were going to adopt a little girl from China...our plans have changed but I still love this site!

Prince Wikopedia - Jim and I are both Prince fans...our favorite CD is "Parade".

Snopes - All about Urban Legends!

Internet Infidels - Jim's love to talk about Theology and this is his favorite site on the subject.

Liddle Kiddles -  A great site  for info on a doll I have collected since I was a child.

Michelle Kwan - is my all time favorite figure skater!  



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