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Come read about my open mic called "Mundy On Tuesdays", my website services and also hear and see some clips of me performing all at:



Weight Loss Surgery

I have decided to take this journey...if you are interested you can check out my WLS pages by clicking the butterfly below...the site includes my before and after pics.


Smiley Pro

I stumbled upon this windows program a year ago looking for some stress relief. I want to share it with everyone I know... it is a great piece of software that I found on the following site:


He has other great programs as well so go check out his page!

Here is what he says about the Smiley Pro:

"This downloadable file once unzipped contains many high quality environmental sounds. Once acitivated, a smiley button appears on your Windows taskbar. Until you enter a registration code, it will need to be reactivated every five minutes. It appears that the company recently went out of business as I have been unable to find it. Therefore, I will share my registration code for my registered copy. The code to enter is 1074583629."

Thank you Richard for sharing!!!

Download Smiley Pro from Richard's site


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