Hi. I’m Jim Bruce. Or, as my friends have nicknamed me, Jim Bruce.  I’d like to tell you a little about myself because it will take up space.


I’m a writer.  As a matter of fact, these words you are now reading are words I wrote myself.  I wrote these words too.  And these ones.  I also wrote these words and the ones that follow it.  I did not, however, write the word humdinger.

Recently I completed a screenplay entitled “Let’s Play Two” with my writing partner.  I also co-produced a short film based on this screenplay.  Suffice it to say, if you would like to buy it from me, you can. 

To see some of my writing samples click the chalk board below!


You can see me in the soon to be released film “Desperation Boulevard”.  In case you aren’t sure which guy I am, look for the dapper young man wearing the orange jumpsuit.  As an interesting side note, there is no word that rhymes with jumpsuit.  I have also been featured on “Al TV” on MTV with Mr. Al Yankovich. 

Here is my ACTING REEL for you to view in Real Player format!

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Check out my sketch comedy group “Trouser Shock” for the latest on our films and Live shows! Also you can catch me weekly on "The Paul Goebel Show" on tvgasm.com!



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I am part of a sketch comedy troup called “Trouser Shock”. We do live shows, we make films and we blog. Currentley we are preparing a few more films for your enjoyment...come see us on my space!



This message is for all blonde men in America.  Do you see the mustache featured in this picture?  There was a time when I thought I looked pretty cool.  There was a time when I did not think I looked like a pump jockey.  I was wrong.  I looked like either a serial killer, your weird uncle, or the guy Steve Buscemi hangs out with when he wants to appear good looking by comparison.  If you at this moment are a blonde man sporting a mustache and you think you look cool, trust me, you are wrong.  The last guy who looked decent with this look was Robert Redford, and let’s be honest, even he didn’t look good.  The only reason it worked is because he is Robert Redford.  You and I are not Robert Redford.  Shave.  If you don’t believe me.  If you think you look cool.  Forward your picture to me and we’ll put it to an internet vote.  Be ready to cry.


I make my living now as a freelance writer.  I have written promo material for Hollywood Squares, Jeopardy, and various movie trailers.  I’ve written content for a variety of web sites, many of which actually work.  I’ve written radio spots, instructional videos numerous well-written letters of apology to the people I have pissed off.  If you hire me, I can guarantee one thing.  I will cash the check quickly, and spend most of the money on delicious candy. 


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